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#4275 fixed Downloading files to wrong directories Martijn

I saw some older tickets about this issue, but never with a (working) solution.

When I checked my local hdd after downloading a big folder with images, I noticed that directories are all over the place. I can't figure out if the messing up is consequent.

I'm using active mode, but the wizard tells me everythings fine. I'm also using a filefilter to exclude thumbnails. When I add the dir to the queue, everything seems fine, trouble start when processing the queue (wrong folders are immediately created, while NOT listed in the queue before).

#5462 fixed Remote file search: add dates Tim Kosse Barry McKay

It would be helpful to be able to search all remote files modified in a specific date range to track recent changes or if your site has been FTP hacked and you know when.

The Remote File Search (F3) feature would therefore need to be expanded to include "Last Modified" date to first drop down where Filename, Filesize and Path are currently. As well the drop down next to that would need to specify two new options: "greater than" and "less than" and then the ability enter a date and time in maybe a masked field so that a full date and full time would need to be entered.

For example: Last Modified; Greater than; 08/07/2010 9:23:00 am Last Modified; Less than; 08/07/2010 9:45:00 am

This would be a very useful feature. You could search and download just the files that have been changed in a certain time period which would save a lot of time and bandwidth.

#11172 worksforme Surprising values of size of site Beaver

I'm sorry, I searched a ticket about my problem but those I found didn't meet my expectations. I join a screen copie in order to be clear. The recap sizes displayed by Filezilla are consistent between local and distant site, but a far cry from reality. I don't understand this artefact because by clicking on each file, the size is good, but as soon as it is a folder, the value does not count up the total size of the folders inside.

I don't think it is a bug (because this question has probably been put to you) or if it's intentional, but it's, for me annoying :-(

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