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#785 no "@" in host adress ??? Alexander Schuch jaydax

i enjoied FileZilla untill today. i registerd webspace by a new provider. my ftp host is "blablabla@…". FileZilla is not able to connect to this host. unknown syntax is the error. he will axcept the @ only in use with "user:pass@". but that is not the way i need. maybe you can correct this in a newer version.

thanks a lot for your good work !!!

#788 Settings import does not work properly Alexander Schuch ultrasick

Hi, there is propably a bug in the import function. I noticed a few weeks ago in the .9 version that importing the ftp sites does not work if you import the settings right after it and then close the programm and reopen it. I thought i did somehthing wrong, but now i just installed version .10 and the same happend again.

#790 FileZilla strips leading / character Alexander Schuch mactfines

Novell's FTP server software allows one to access the files on ANY Novell file server in the directory tree, using this syntax:

cwd server/volume/dir/subdir

When I enter such a path in FileZilla (2.2.10), such as "admin/ groups/registrar", it strips the first '/' character, changing the string I entered to "/admin/groups/registrar", and as such returns a '550 invalid path' error.

Another FTP client, NCFtp ( had the same issue a few versions back, but has since been fixed. WS_FTP on Windows, Fetch and Transmit on Mac OSX, and the command line FTP program on any Mac/Linux/Windows system all work correctly with this functionality and do not have this issue.

Please take a look at it. We really like FileZilla, but with that problem accessing Novell's FTP server, we have to steer clear of it for now.

I can provide a test account to our Novell server if you don't have one available to test against.


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