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#3634 url failure Alexander Schuch tracy_arendt

Today I updated to Filezilla 3.1. I can no longer get connected to my predefined website I was able to connect prior to updating. My other urls are still working fine. Deleteing and redefining the url has not helped. Neither has uninstalling and reinstalling Filezilla. Here is what the log file says: Status: Resolving address of Status: Connecting to Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Error: Could not connect to server Status: Waiting to retry...

I can connect to my website via MicroSoft FrontPage, so the server is working and connecting.

#9095 invalid uppercase QUIT from an AIX is not accepted Emiliano Pacelli

We have a counterpart that has filezilla server and in case we login from our internal system (AIX OS), that issue the QUIT command in uppercase, we receive the "invalid command error". On the other hand, if we issue the quit in lowercase, everything goes smoothly. Another info, if we repeat the same test from a windows system, the filezilla server accepts the quit both in upper and lower cases. We can't change the QUIT command in the AIX procedure and we think that this case sensitivity applied in the first test, is not correct. Could you kindly verify?

#2614 uploads as atomic transactions mindplay

uploads are currently progressive - that is, the file is created in it's destination, and is then gradually appended during upload.

in order to cooperate well with other server software (e.g. scheduled tasks, pickup scripts, etc.) uploads need to be atomic transactions - that is, the physical file needs to be created "invisibly", in a temporary folder on the destination drive.

once the upload is completed, the file can then be renamed to it's destination filename/folder.

this way, pickup scripts, scheduled tasks, backup applications, etc. will never find a partially uploaded file.

this is crucial if, for example, you have a script that picks up a CSV file on a schedule - currently, if you're unlucky, you'll pick up the file while it's incomplete, and your data will only be partially imported.

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