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#12529 fixed "impossible d'obtenir une réponse de fzputtygen" error message and .ppk empty file generated Prx38


1/ I have generated on Linux a key pair with ssh-keygen and a path-phrase. 2/ on windows 10 , I copied my private key 'id_rsa' and try to use it with FileZilla : he wants to convert it to .ppk (by the way why ???) , I say yes and ask my secret : I have only the path phrase : I type it and I get the error message on my french PC :

"impossible d'obtenir une réponse de fzputtygen"

(the program fzputtygen.exe is right under the Filezilla installed dir) and a id_rsa.ppk file at 0kB ! and impossible to transfert my files with that Filezilla ! regards

#10524 rejected "insecure server it does not support ftp over tls" domain


When i try to be connected to my server i have this message "insecure server it does not support ftp over tls" (see attached file)

I have this hosting :

Other part, but concerning your forum impossible to receive email confirmation for be register to your forum I use the same username here.

Thank you.

#8390 outdated "new filter" button renames filter instead of creating a new one. Aleksandar Kovac

BUG: Pressing "New" button in "Edit filters" panel, while a filter is highlighted, renames the filter.

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Pressing the "New" button in "Edit filters" panel should create a new filter, instead of renaming the existing one.


  • Create a new filter and name it.
  • Select it in the chooser to the right so that it is highlighted.
  • Now, click on the "New" button (located just below the chooser).
  • Instead of creating a new filter, FileZilla renames the existing, previously selected filter.
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