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#98 "file exists" dialog shows wrong info starless

When you want to upload a file overwriting an old version, the usual dialog appears, asking what you want to do (overwrite, skip, etc.). Starting from FileZilla 1.9.2, this dialog does not show the correct info about the files, it only shows some dates, while it did show the file sizes before (which is surely useful).

#9293 fixed "filter IN items matching all of the following" Wo'O Ideafarm

There is currently no way to filter IN items passing the specified test. For example, right now I need to see only file names that (1) contain ".dsc" and (2) end in ".jpg". There is no way to do this.

A quick and dirty enhancement would be to add a checkbox that, when checked, causes the filter to INclude rather than EXclude.

I've marked this "high" priority on the presumption that this would be easy to do and would significantly improve the usefulness of filtering by making all boolean operations possible. From a boolean algebra point of view, the current filtering options are logically incomplete.

#12529 fixed "impossible d'obtenir une réponse de fzputtygen" error message and .ppk empty file generated Prx38


1/ I have generated on Linux a key pair with ssh-keygen and a path-phrase. 2/ on windows 10 , I copied my private key 'id_rsa' and try to use it with FileZilla : he wants to convert it to .ppk (by the way why ???) , I say yes and ask my secret : I have only the path phrase : I type it and I get the error message on my french PC :

"impossible d'obtenir une réponse de fzputtygen"

(the program fzputtygen.exe is right under the Filezilla installed dir) and a id_rsa.ppk file at 0kB ! and impossible to transfert my files with that Filezilla ! regards

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