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#3750 fixed Will not download updates on my laptop Dan Martin

I have a version, the latest on my desktop that updated ok. My laptop, I get the message that says update available. I click on it, with the normal save etc., but it just sits there. Nothing downloads. I get around it by downloading the latest version from your web site and install it, but it will not update when I get the notice, I have no idea what is wrong. This was the last 2 updates, always worked previously. Updates work just fine on my desktop and I running Vista. On my laptop, I am running XP.

#3754 fixed Too much files selected when using the shift key Steff

I wanted to delete all files in a folder beginning with "H", so I typed "H" to jump to the first file. The file was highlighted, so I didnt't click on it explicitly. Then I scrolled to the end of my desired selection and clicked the last file while pressing the shift-key. All files beginning with "H" were selected ... so I thought, but actually ALL FILES from the top of the (ascending by names sorted) filelist were selected, including all folders, i.e. much more files have been deleted, because this accidently hadn't come to my attention. This bug seems to exist since Version 3.x of the FileZilla-Client, in 2.2.32 selecting multiple files works correctly.

#3772 fixed Local copies account for remote path (i.e. /index.php is not considered the same as /about/index.php) dirTdogE

The following dialog appears when I move from editing one "index.php" to another:

Selected file already being edited The selected file is already being edited: index.php

Action to perform:

  • Reopen local file
  • Discard local file then download and edit file anew

OK / Cancel

I use "index.php" across multiple directories so that my pages have clean URLs (i.e. instead of It would be very helpful if Filezilla could take the server path into account while editing files.

Alternatively, I would be satisfied if there was simply an option to remember the chosen action.

In my case, the current implementation acts as a hindrance rather than a feature. It's a good idea -- it could just use a little refinement.

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