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#88 Date/Time Sort Problem w/Remote FileList Tim Kosse anonymous

I uploaded a file tonight using both 1.7b and 1.83 versions, and experienced these problems regarding date and time:

1) Both versions report the file date as 2001, instead of 2002.

2) While version 1.7b does at least refresh the destination file window, 1.83 displays question marks. You have to manually refresh the window.

I actually had to use another FTP program to verify the problem reporting dates was indeed a FileZilla problem.

#89 Shift-TAB is inconsistent jumpfroggy

In the main window of Filezilla 1.9 final, pressing shift-tab is inconsistent. Within the Quick Connect toolbar you can get from edit field to edit field consistently. But for the Quickconnect button and the rest of the interface (local/remote directories, file listings, and the queue) does not respond to shift- tab. The shift is ignored, so you have to tab forwards always, instead of being able to shift-tab backwards.

#90 Deletion of empty Folders links2learning

Version 1.9

If the directory structure contains empty folders then the deletion of the empty folder from a higher level does not occur. Fileziller just reports that it is an empty folder.

Also, a number of 'Illegal Ops' at upload have occured.

Will investigate and report back.

Bye Clive

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