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#11721 invalid "Alt key" used for non-adjacent file group selection no longer works after version update SiriusGD

Before version update I was able to use "Alt key" to select non-adjacent files for group uploads. After update this no longer functions.

FileZilla version: 3.36.0 Operating System: Windows 8.1 (build 9600), 64-bit edition OS version: 6.3 Platform: 64-bit system

#2073 "Always Use" when file exists behavior anonymous

If I copy files from a local dir to an ftp dir, that already exists , I get the prompt "File Already Exists" and get several options.

If I choose the option "Always Use Action when a file already exists", this has the effect that my choice not only applies to all the other files i choose to copy in the current operation, but also all subsequent copy-operations I initiate during the same connection.

Personally, I would like the "Always" to only apply to the current operation and it's files. But if it is to be remembered for future copy-operations should it not also be remembered across connections?

Perhaps two checkboxes: [] Use this action for all files in this operation [] Always use this action

Or a radio-group (*) Use this action for this file only ( ) Use this action for all files in this operation ( ) Always use this action

#5693 fixed "Always trust certificate in future sessions" doesn't work.

The certificate is valid, in that it started one month ago and expires in 20 years time. It's a general certificate for my ISP which allows me to upload files to my domain, so the certificate's common name doesn't match my domain name, and it's a self sigend certificate by my ISP, so it's good that I'm warned about it, but I should be able to trust certificate in future sessions, but ticking the "Always trust certificate in future sessions" box and clicking "OK" has no effect. i.e. The dialog keeps appearing for every file and for every time I log in to the server.

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