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#1315 v3 hangs or won't load warriorwolf

Bear with me, since I have to give a good context for the problem. I work for a small company that maintains a working copy of it's website on the network (set up as network drive G:), then sends the changes to the live site via FTP. (I recently installed Filezilla and love it.) This company is very closely associated with a university, and we use their network since they have such vast resources, though that means I have no control over the quality/performance of their network.

So, here's the goods: I came in, tried to connect filezilla through the site manager to the ftp, which is configured to bring up the network drive (g:\) on and the public_html on the live site, and it hung. I killed it, figuring the program was just being bitchy, but then when I restarted it, nothing came up except for a running filezilla process. In any case, I found the source of the problem: the office has been having problems accessing the network drive, and it was being entirely non-responsive, and since filezilla goes right back to where I was, it was trying to bring up G:, but stalling (without even loading the interface). My thinking is, this might be easily fixed by adding a timeout function where it just gives up trying to bring up the local directory and defaults to something safe, say "My Computer". Just my thinking, someone else might have a better solution?

#9 v1.2 has an error in the settings screen Tim Kosse anonymous

If you go to the settings screen and select

connection - ASCII/Binary; the auto-detect option shows up twice.

So which one of the options is auto-detect??



#1244 v0.9.23 beta, Interface can't connect to Server n0tig

When start Server manually is selected, the Interface can't connect to the Server until the Server has been started, and the Interface has connected while the Server is online. After this the Interface is able to connect to the Server when it is offline. However this makes remote administration impossible, if you want to be able to start and stop the Server manually.

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