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#4113 outdated Filezilla crashes with uploading youcke

Im having the problem that filezilla crashes everytime if i want to upload a pretty amount of files. Like the phpbb forums or joomla portal.

It happens everytime when im uploading the files to my host.

#624 Drag and Drop files and non-empty subfolders misplaces folde youbastrd

The bug is that when dragging and dropping files and directories from the right pane (remote server) to the left pane (local), the target directory is correct for any files, but incorrect for any subdirectories. If you drop onto empty space in the left pane everything is fine, as your intended target was the directory being listed. However, if you instead drop on a directory name in the left pane, any files you have selected go into that subdirectory, but, the folders you had selected go to the directory listed, and not the subdirectory that was dropped on.

Confused? Here's an example.

The left pane has a view of "c:\local" . There exists a directory "c:\local\local-images\" . We see: local-images/

The right pane has a view of a remote server. In this view, we see: remote-images/ readme.txt logo.jpg

We know that there's some files in the directory "remote-images".

The user selects everything in the right pane. The user then drags one of the filenames to the left pane, over "local-images", and releases the mouse button. Filezilla does its thing, transferring files into local-images. However, "remote-images" and all the files under it get put into C:\local, and not C:\local\local-images\ like it should. That's the bug, subfolders don't get placed properly when dragged onto target folders.

Possible repeat of bug # 928152 , sorry in advance if that's the case. func=detail&aid=928152&group_id=21558&atid=37224 2

Thanks for making such great software. It's quite inspiring to see something so well done in the open-source community. :)

#12107 invalid He actualizado el sofware automáticamente tal como me lo ha solicitado y ahora no funciona. José Luis Giménez

Al iniciar una transmisión a mi servidor habitual mediante FileFilla, me ha solicitado la actualización y después de actualizarla, ya no me permite acceder a mi servidor. Adjunto captura pantalla.

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