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#4298 outdated Floppy impassible by arrow keys Jeff Jeff

IF A: is empty (no floppy), the arrows cannot get you passed the floppy..

if possible, a blank listing or a default (C:\) list could appear instead.

Sorry, prefer keyboard programs, but can use mouse if necessary.

Great program!

Open Program, Tab to drive list, arrow down to A:, but gets returned to my computer instead. Pressing C or D don't allow you to jump past it either...

Not major. Thanks!

#8060 duplicate GUI messed up (Cyrillic?) Anton Anton

Hello! Please just forgive me for my English.

When you connect to any FTP, is the imposition of one screen to another. Version of the most recent. Windows 7 x64.

I am very impressed with your FTP client, but unfortunately these errors interfere with work. I suspect that it's not just me that. I would be very happy if you fix them. Best regards, Maxim!

#4181 fixed Cannot purge a folder that contains 2014 files anybody Dan

Cannot purge a folder that contains 2014 files since Filezilla goes in time out. Is it possible to increase the time out? Thanks

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