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#1513 "Users" table in "Users" window, version 1 alexander_ilyin

Same as before.

Buttons OK, Cancel are moved to empty place. Tab "Users" maked full height of dialog box (some users may fill it full easy, I think).

#3781 fixed "View/Edit" feature does not work when remote filename is longer than set number of characters kimon

Sample remote filename (masked): XX_X_XXXXX_X_XXXXX_XXXXXX_XXX_XXXX.XXXXXX_xxxxxx.xxxxx_xxxxxx_xxx_xxx.20080917_113015.txt

These are log files generated by scripts that run on a remote server

At first I thought it had to do with the 255 character filename limit that one sometimes runs into but, when I tried to open the file from the temp directory using the exact same editor, it worked.

#11769 rejected "Watch locally edited files" feature does not update its link when the remote server is changed Airacobra

When the Watch locally edited files and prompt to upload modifications feature is turned on, it does not update its links when the remote server is changed. This may lead to overwriting a wrong remote file.

Consider the following scenario:

  1. Connect to server A.
  2. Download file X from server A to a local folder.
  3. Edit the file X (right-click it in the local folder and select Edit).
  4. Do some edits, save the file, close the editor and return to FileZilla.
  5. You are prompted to upload modified file back to remote server A (so far so good).
  6. Select ‘No’ to close the prompt.
  7. Connect to server B.
  8. Download file X from the server B to the same local folder as in step 2.
  9. Open the new file X in your editor.
  10. Do some edits, save the file, close the editor and return to FileZilla.
  11. Now, you are prompted to upload modified file X back to remote server A!

That is wrong because the file was downloaded from server B and should be uploaded there. If you do not read the prompt carefully, you can easily overwrite the file at the wrong remote server. FileZilla should update its internal link when the monitored file is downloaded from a different location.

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