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#12834 worksforme Could not connect to FTP server Zhou Yuanxin

响应: 220 Microsoft FTP Service 命令: AUTH TLS 错误: 无法连接到服务器

The Internet is okay. User/pwd is okay.

#12832 fixed FileZilla server cannot be compiled with libfilezilla 0.39.2 jlesage

FileZilla Server 1.6.1 fails to be compiled with libfilezilla version 0.39.2 (the latest available version).

Compilation fails because the "fz::strtokenizer" function is missing from libfilezilla 0.39.2 sources.

Should the libfilezilla version used to build the "official" FileZilla Server be also released?

#12831 rejected Sends MLSD command even if server doesn't support it Fr0sT

I have a local (inside LAN) FTP server run by Bitvise SSH client. Trying to open it, FZ seems to always request MLSD even though the server doesn't support it. What's weird, FZ doesn't request neither SYST nor FEAT command so it couldn't even know what the server can.

14:28:40	Status:	Resolving address of host.domain.local
14:28:40	Status:	Connecting to 172.***:21...
14:28:40	Status:	Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
14:28:42	Response:	220 FtpBridge ready
14:28:42	Command:	AUTH TLS
14:28:42	Response:	530 Not logged in
14:28:42	Command:	AUTH SSL
14:28:42	Response:	530 Not logged in
14:28:42	Status:	Insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS.
14:28:42	Command:	USER anonymous
14:28:42	Response:	331 User name OK, need password
14:28:42	Command:	PASS *********************
14:28:42	Response:	230 User logged in
14:28:42	Status:	Logged in
14:28:42	Status:	Retrieving directory listing of "/"...
14:28:42	Command:	CWD /
14:28:43	Response:	250 "/" is current directory
14:28:43	Command:	PWD
14:28:43	Response:	257 "/" is current directory
14:28:43	Command:	TYPE I
14:28:43	Response:	200 Representation type set to Image
14:28:43	Command:	PASV
14:28:43	Response:	227 Entering Passive Mode (***)
14:28:43	Command:	MLSD
14:28:43	Response:	502 Command not implemented
14:28:43	Error:	Failed to retrieve directory listing
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