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#2916 fixed icon themes support victorwestmann

It would be really nice if FileZilla could support Tango Icon Library and others created by users!

Thanks for the excellent and high quality software!

#2926 fixed Easier resume of failed transfers kringlan

It takes too many steps to resume failed transfers

I'd like something like a button or context menu alternative such as "move all failed transfers to queue tab and resume transfer"

This instead of having to mark all failed transfers moving them back to the queue tab, and then resume transfer.

#2935 fixed Support for optional Master Password for sitemanager.xml arireads

This is a request for Filezilla 3 to support a "Master Password" to lock either the sitemanager info (simpler to implement I think) or the edit of sitemanager entries (this would be more similar to firefox 3, but I think I'd like the first option best)

I know this one is tough to implement, but many filezilla users need this. This "a la firefox" level of security, even if simple and low, suits very well the average Desktop user.

Thus, if "Master Password" is enabled, before connecting to site, the user will be prompted the Master Password.

The sitemanager.xml file would be encrypted with AES256 or something like that using the master password.

This would eliminate one of the most common users' concern about filezilla. Obviously not a perfect solution, but in my view would enough for the desktop.

I've heard Tim suggesting users to:

a) encrypt the home partition b) don't do anything and trust the sysadmin or root user.

While I understand what Tim suggests, I don't think it helps the average desktop user, who doesn't understand what either a) or b) mean.

I think the proposed solution would help here.

In any case, grateful to have filezilla running in my linux desktop box.

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