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#120 no connection to default site djnestle

On my system (win95), the function "connect to default site" does not work. I could fix the problem by changing the while-loop within function CSiteManager::GetDefaultSite(CString substring) : (changed/new lines are marked *) while(RegEnumKeyEx(key,index,buffer,&length,0,0,0,0)==ERROR_SUCCESS) {

t_Site *site;

  • if(substring == "")
  • site=GetDefaultSite(buffer);
  • else


if (site)

return site;

index++; length=1000;



#121 Cannot create new directories on remote anonymous

With 1.9.7, any attempt I make to create a new directory on the remote server (or copy a folder to the remote server) gets "550 /Temp/foo/: Bad file descriptor". The remote server is a NetBSD box running its standard FTP server. /Temp is correctly owned by the ftp user. I have no problem creating new directories and copying folders with other FTP clients in that directory, so it's pretty clearly FileZilla's problem.

#122 List view highlighting glitch magra

If I have one or more files selected in the file list view and then change the sort order, the highlighting remains in the same place (now with a different file) rather than moving with the file.

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