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#2554 fixed directory delete in new thread hongsj

Some directory recursive deletion takes several minutes. I think if we have another menu like "delete (new thread)" will be help people a lot.

Naming could be ... "Delete in new thread" "Delete in background" "Recursive delete" ......

Thank you for your respectable effort on this great program.

#2577 fixed TCP Window Size anvilsoup

Option to specify TCP window size, similar to the -w: argument in the bundled WindowsXP ftp.exe:

-w:WindowSize Specifies the size of the transfer buffer. The default window size is 4096 bytes.

This option allows much faster FTP transmissions over high-latency WAN links - up to 600% speed improvement.

A default window size of 64 Kbytes is recommended, as per RFC1323. See also

This may also be implemented in FileZilla Server.

#2591 fixed Put download link (FTP, HTTP) for file to clipboard lucas_malor

Example: I'm connected to via . Filezilla lists in the directory /store the file log.txt . I would Filezilla with a right click item should copy to clipboard the URL . It can be done putting in Site Manager the value "Domain URL".

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