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#2476 fixed More Target Overwrite Options.... equis7

If the target of a file transfer already exists, you can specify a default:

Overwrite if size is different Overwrite if newer and size is different

#2528 fixed WebDAV support dr_kludge

Just as you added ssh/sftp support via putty libraries to FileZilla please consider adding WebDev support too.

An example implementation is cadaver . Once the protocol exchange occurs, then the command line version of cadaver found in Cygwin acts just like a normal ftp. This appears to make Webdev support a natural fit for FileZilla.

FileZilla is a nice tool. Thanks for developing it. I recommend it to other people who are looking for a gui ftp client on MS Windows.

Thanks, Greg

#2551 fixed sftp client filename encoding conversion wenzhuo

I am using FileZilla 2.2.27 in WinXP Simplified Chinese edition. Currently, if I upload Chinese filenames to the sftp server or create Chinese filenames, the filenames ends up in GBK encoding on the openssh sftp server.

I hope it's possible for the sftp client in FileZilla to convert filename encoding. For example, when uploading files, convert filenames from GBK to UTF-8; and when downloading files, convert from UTF-8 to GBK.

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