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#739 fixed ftp recursive directory upload: somes files get swapped bruyeron

I have noticed this issue several times on the last 4-5 versions of filezilla (from 2.2.7something to the current 2.2.8d).

When uploading via standard FTP (in passive mode) a folder with nested folders in it and various files (typically the folder contains web pages with images and stylesheets nested inside subfolders), filezilla seems to cross some of the file references.

My experience shows that this mostly happens on images: i.e. filezilla will swap 2 images (i.e. will upload A into B, and B into A). I haven't seen an occurence of this on text files, but maybe it was just luck - the images outnumber the .htm files 10 to 1, typically. This only happens for a few files.

This happens on 2 different remote ftp servers (one on solaris, the other on linux), therefore I am inclined to suspect filezilla. Switching to another client solves the problem.

Has anyone seen this problem before?

#805 fixed Server is unable to transfer open files ndesle

When you try to get a file that is open but not exclusive (it is still possible to do a copy on the local filesystem for example), FileZilla Server can't open it and a transfer error is reported. It would be nice if the server was able to transfer these files. I need this specifically for transferring open logfiles. These logfiles are created with the following code:

CStdioFile::Open(filename,CFile::modeCreate | CFile::modeNoTruncate | CFile::modeWrite | CFile::shareDenyNone | CFile::typeText , &ex)

I don't know if the server can't open these files by design or if it is a bug.


#880 fixed Server installer: wrong description admin interface componen taxan

Small nit: when running the installer of Filezilla Server v0.9.8 the description of the 'Administration Interface' component is the same as the one for the 'Source Code' component ('Choose Components' screen).

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