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#2850 MENU: Configureable admin commands zukex1

it would be great to add a menu with pre-configured site commands for simple administrative tasks, which could popup the user for input...

example menu item: add->user

would pop up for example an input box with description "Please input user name! ie. john" and an editbox where the user could input that (let's say "user1" in this example),

and then another box for "Allowed IPS" +editbox where user could fill "".

and then filezilla would send "site adduser user1" to the remote server

of course this would require some kind of file that holds the menu items..

something like

[add/user] command=site adduser $1 $2 1.desc=Please input user name!\nie. john 2.desc=Allowed IPs:\nie.

or whatever, best to keep it simple so people can make their own commands


#2587 command_line feature request: full path and filename zuhans


i tried it with my opera-browser: use all ftp with filezilla (btw. in firefox i don't know how to do this) - but filezilla complained, that the directory couldn't be listed.

so i assume: filezilla gets the whole path and doesn't check if the path leads to a file or to a directory but it instead assumes it could only a path to a dir.

is this right?

if "yes": it would be wonderful if filezilla would check if it is a file or a dir, if a file, find the appropriate dir, list files, check if file exists, if yes, begin with donwload (best: asking first if the download-dir already listed would be the right one :-) ).

what do you think?

greetings zuhans europe/austria/salzburg

#4140 wontfix Drag and drop in server window causes move instead of copy Sebastian Wasl

When you drag and drop a file or folder(s) on the right side (Server window) from one directory to another, Windows shows a little plus sign next to the mouse arrow -> user expects that the file(s) will be copied. Instead, after releasing the mouse button, a mv command is carried out.

The same behaviour occurs when Shift or Ctrl-key is pressed additionally. Files are always moved, never copied.

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