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#10732 fixed Ability to use ALT+# to change tabs instead of CTRL+# Annorax

As of now, to change tabs using the keyboard, one would press Control and a number from the top row to change to that corresponding tab, for example CTRL+1 to the first tab, CTRL+2 to the second, and so forth.

Personally I find it much more natural to use ALT+# instead of CTRL+#. Most Linux applications with tabs (Firefox, Konsole) use ALT+# to change tabs and as a mostly Windows user, I remap everything I can to use ALT+#.

Please consider implementing this in Filezilla by giving the end user the option of using CTRL or ALT plus a number to change tabs.

#11096 fixed When "Messagelog position" is 2, Filezilla does not start Annorax

I am running Windows 7 Professional and Filezilla 3.23.0 64 bit. This issue was not present in

When I upgraded versions as mentioned above, I was unable to start Filezilla. The process would not launch yet I could see it in Windows Task Manager taking about 13% CPU. I waited about 10 minutes but nothing happened so I killed the process.

After playing with filezilla.xml, I noticed that this only happens when "Messagelog position" is set to 2 - set to 0 or 1 is fine.

#9967 duplicate Drag tabs around Anonym

It would be useful if you could move open tabs around (like in Google Chrome etc)

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