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#5322 outdated After N files transferred through SFTP using FileZilla, the queue slows down Randell Benavidez

After N files transferred through sftp using FileZilla, the queue slows down. It happens when I'm transferring one file at a time or 2 files at a time or N files at a time. It usually slows down when the third or fourth file in the queue has finished transferring.

And when it's happening, all I need to do is restart the queue after a few minutes and the speed will go back to normal.

I'm using Buffalo WHR-G125, just in case it has something to do with it.

#5667 outdated After a successful transfer filezilla became unresponsive on Fedora_14_x86_64 Hassan Latif

When I transfer a file from my Fedora 14 64bit machine it became unresponsive with grey screen after successful file transfer to server. Then I can only Force Quit it.

My machine details is: Machine: Dell Latitude D620 Laptop Processor: Intel Core2Duo T7200 @ 2.0GHz Ram: 2GB Operating System: Fedora 14 (Laughlin) Kernel: Linux

#10801 rejected After action queue completion feature request/return Jason

I use the disconnect from server option seen in this screenshot, , when downloading files. That way I can start the download and walk away. Then when it's finished it will disconnect but not close the application. Then later I can check and make sure I have no failed transfers. If so I can restart them easily from that tab.

The latest version of filezilla has removed this option and stays connected after your queue has completed unless you choose to close the app when done. Then you lose your failed transfer tab data.

Can you please put this option back into that menu? I use this on both windows and Linux.

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