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#8093 fixed Increase number of retries (it's only 3) at FZS when using PASV and Port range JLM

Please, can you make this tiny change? In the ControlSocket.cpp file change

unsigned int retries = 3;


unsigned int retries = 10;

or any other value (please, at least 5).

I have a FZS that sometimes fails when using PASV and a given range of ports, because in that case the server does not use a free port given by the OS, but tries to create a socket in a free port of that range, and if it is not free it tries with the next one up to 3 times before failing with the answer: '421 Could not create socket'. The solution can be just to increase a little the number of attempts to find a free port where to create the socket for the data connection (the aforementioned unsigned int retries = 3;).

Thank you in advance.

#8094 fixed Preallocate space Underground78 wOxxOm

On Windows platforms newer than WinXP besides SetFilePointer+SetEndOfFile preallocation method which fills required disk space with zeros which might take a lot of time in case of a very large file, there is another literally instant function: SetFileValidData (see MSDN), it just claims disk space leaving intact whatever data there was.

Despite common belief that fragmentation isn't an issue, it's quite the opposite - 1+GB files downloaded in such applications as FileZilla Client which doesn't preallocate disk space, are extremely slow to copy and work with when mounted and impose absolutely unnecessary huge load on HDD due to a lot of disk seeks.

Apparently only a few win32 ftp clients can preallocate space and none of them uses SetFileValidData. Out of about 20 most popular ftp clients I've tested, only Flashget and NetTransport had the feature. Actually I've searched all files on my PC and out of hundreds of small and large win32 apps that constantly deal with creation of files, large and small, only VirtualDub and uTorrent use SetFileValidData, also the latter allows user to select whether he prefers instant preallocation, complete with zeroing or none of the two.

There was a similar ticket (#1486) 7 years ago and now it's already 2012 but FileZilla Client still doesn't preallocate space.

#8107 fixed Segmentation fault in Cinnamon 1.4 when drag and drop upload Wat Chun Pang Gilbert

When doing drag & drop upload / download(i.e. from the left file list to right file list or vice versa) in Mint Linux 12, Cinnamon 1.4, a segmentation fault is thrown and the application crashed.

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