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#1125 Adding log files to remote server Alexander Schuch rbrown1956

It is adding remote files to the remote server. Like this...


I can't delete or rename them.

I have the logging turned of in the setting panel. Using xp sp2 to a linux kernel ver. 2.6.9-22.ELsmp with cpanel build 10.8.2-STABLE 120

Looked for this problem elsewhere couldn't find any thing on this...


#4071 duplicate Adding transfert mode button in tools bar cgx64

Very first, I appologize if this request has already been post; but I haven't be able to found any trace in tickets. I use Fz 3.1.6 to load OS/9 targets from a windows server with both binary and ASCII files (without any extension :-( The "automatic transfert mode" fail to resolve the type of file with my files. So I must change manually, for each transfert queue, the 'transfert mode' from the 'transfert menu'. That why I request you to add a shortcut button in the tools bar to switch quickly from ACCSI to binary mode.

#821 Additional Name for January heli_12axing

In Austria (Lang de_AT) is the January named "Jänner" or in short form "Jän" Please insert this in the month table, because the files and directories created in january are not shown in the filelist.

Regards Helmut

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