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#12703 rejected queue.sqlite3 error after attempting update Mr_Red

Win 7 32bit, Lenovo T410s , Filezilla Portable on a removable HDD

Your version: 3.46.3 Current version: 3.59.0

during an attempt at installing update from a clean load it reported that a file was "already open". I aborted. Now every time I load Filezilla I get an a dialog showing "an error occurred saving the transfer queue to" then next line - queue.sqlite3 which curiously is located in my system drive.

I have replaced the whole folder with a backup. The error now is permanent on load & unload.

Do I vainly keep on trying to update & replace from backup? or is there a solution? A clean install requires data. It would take a long time.

#2861 queue window macca6

some helpful features for the queue window :

1) Action after queue completion --> run command : excellent feature I just discovered. would be nice to maybe have this option available as a default operation after transfer completed, this way one won't need to re-add the command after each time he queues files for transfer. or even a way to save certain cmds one wants to use frequently.

2) an option to ascent or descend the order of files by clicking on the server/local file bar.

3) an option to move files up or down the queue (by dragging files or/and right click options). similiar to move to top/end of queue or end of queue or move up/down which some ftp clients have.

4) option to perform deletion of files using highlight + delete key (for specific files) or control+A+delete (for the whole queue). that's only available through right click options at the moment.

#3810 rejected queue transfer opens many connection for one file Manfred Baumgartl

I am transfering one file from a ftp server via queue. The transfer aborts then a new transfer is startet with a new connection on the server. then again and again, till max number of connections to the server is reached. Version 3.1.2 works fine, with no errors or aborts while 3.1.3 doesn't.

The server is pure-ftp on linux based system.

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