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#4001 fixed directory upload problems mvug

I have a problem with the newest release of Filezilla client

When i try to upload a directory (fckeditor) to my webhost (, it only uploads the files and NOT the directories... I now use an older version 3.1.4rc-1 and this version uploads the complete directorystucture...

Hope this will be fixed soon in the new version! thanks!

#7979 duplicate upload to temporary name to avoid script errors tutils

Many sites use PHP or other scripting languages. Those scripts cannot be accessed by visitors of the site until they are fully uploaded to the server. During upload and until they are fully uploaded, they produce a 500 internal server error message (or white page, depending on the server configuration).

This is especially relevant when uploading and overwriting a large PHP file on the server, for example "functions.php", which disables the entire site during the upload, and can lead to unexpected results and even lost data in certain cases, for example when a visitor just submits a form.

My suggestion is to upload the file using a temporary name (instead of overwriting), and when the upload completes, rename back to the original name. On linux renaming over an existing FTP file is possible, but on Windows (or SFTP) it is not. So if the renaming fails, it should delete the original file, and then rename again. The downtime would still be much faster than with normal overwriting of the file.

#5421 outdated md5sum of files over 2gb changed austin

after downloading a file using filezilla (the file was 10gb)and checking the md5sum of the file, the md5sum of the resultant file differed from the md5sum of the original file. whats more the file differed at byte 2147483648, the point the filesize would overflow a signed 32 bit integer. i have re-downloaded the orignal file using ssh on linux (opposed to how it was originally downloaded using filezilla on 32 bit windows server 2003) and the md5sum matches, i transfered it to the windows machine using samba and the md5sum STILL matches, which takes windows out of the equation as the source of the corruption. also being that it occurred AT 2147483648, corruption from download seems unlikely.

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