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#2044 duplicate quota per folder and user anonymous

quota for users or folders would be great. So i could say for example user alex can have at max. 50MB in all directories. Or quote per directorey including subdirectories when more users have access to the same dir. This is very important when you are a webhoster or wanna give people imited disk space. Because windows support for quota sucks :D

#2027 quickconnect sftp and password saving schmitz56

Thanks for the great work. We are about to deploy filezilla in our school, but there is two bad things which stop us :

  • The quickconnect bar only support ftp. It should

support sftp (and the 2 others).

  • The quickconnect save all the info used to the xml

file, it's very annoying and dangerous. Saving password should be done only when user wants it (IE in the site manager)

Thank you again for this great software.

#1854 quick filespec filtering l0basetom

Feature request: ability to filter by file type by adding a glob to the end of the directory text box. E.g.,

C:\My Documents\*.html

Same goes for the remote directory text box.

Thanks, Tom

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