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#3030 Add tabbing between panes lborgman

I start FileZilla client, just press RET to go to my default ftp site. Everything works very fine except that after connect focus is in none of the panes so I can not use TAB to move around. I have to use the mouse for just that (which unfortunately is quite inconvenient).

This is v 2.2.21 from 2006-04-20.

#10174 duplicate Add the ability to do File Diffs from within the FileZilla UI Anthony van Orizande

Directory comparison and synchronised browsing are great features in Filezilla but the one thing that is missing is the ability to quickly do a diff between the server and the client versions of a file.

This feature could be implemented by downloading the server version into a temporary file and then doing a diff using whatever diffing utility that the user has installed (meld, winmerge, beyondcompare, etc..)

FileZilla would need some UI to allow the user to be able to select their diff tool of choice.

If the user then makes changes to the temporary file then FileZilla should offer to upload those changes to the server. To implement this, FileZilla would need to watch the process that was opened for the diff tool and wait till it closes.

The request and the reasoning is described in this forum article quite well.

I did a quick check and did not find any actual ticket for this issue.

#2021 Add the ability to filter out files and/or directories anonymous

I would like to be able to filter out files (specifically or by wildcard, i.e. *.log) or directories (i.e. CVS). Would also be nice to be able to filter out by attributes (i.e. hidden files).

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