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#3002 Add support for IPv6 literal addresses RFC 2732 truthbeliever

Adding IPv6 support back into FileZilla was welcome. I have been using it. Supporting literal IPv6 addresses per RFC2732 - square brackets around the literal address is missing. IPv4 literal addresses are supported, so IPv6 should be as well.

#2825 Add support for deleting files after transfer master-ork

Extend the FileZilla client with a file move option (similar to the CTRL-X CTRL-V action in Explorer). In other words instead of having to delete the file(s) in the source directory after the transfer manualy FileZilla could, through a new interface option/menu, perform the delete after transfering a file to it's destination.

#2931 Add support for scheduled transfers casatone

For regular / re-occurring file transfers, it would be great to have either a dedicated scheduler, or at least be able to run FileZilla from a command line with all switches/options which could then be set up for regular-re-occurring execution by the Windows event scheduler. Thanks!

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