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#10891 invalid recovered OS now cannot access ftp client account John Edwards

All my info of my account is listed here this is a very old account. Would like to freshen up and start a updated account.

Thank you for verifying. The login information is as follows: ftp2096674 Username: fredsi chged ftp Password: V7L9c#z9

address for explorer transfer

Thank you for verifying. The login information is as follows: host: Username: fredsi Password: address for explorer transfer

new transfer code connection address

Your new IP address is newest IP addresss 2600:8806:4802:900:44c7:755b:e514:54

#4785 rejected reconnect to last server fails to forget philonous


I'm pretty sure this is a bug. When I use the options in the quick connect button 1) to erase the contents of the quick connect bar and 2) to clear the quick connect history, the Reconnect to Last Server button in the toolbar still recalls the server that I just erased.

This has to be a bug. Erasing the quick connect bar and its history should also remove that information from the log. Otherwise, the features are useless.

Even worse, the reconnect button remembers the passwords! Even worse, the reconnect button remembers everything even after a restart.

This is bad! This is a disaster for those of us who are on public or work computers!

#362 received filesize is a little bit smaller than that on serve anonymous

When Download a Large File suppose a file on server have size as (say) 20822112 but the d/l one will be (say) 20818104

It needs resume for the file can be fully d/l

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