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#11352 rejected FTP from win10 PC to TSO/ISPF JY

Hi, FZ version I enter a custom command "site tracks pri=300 sec=30" to overwrite the z/OS default size allocation but the site tracks pri=300 sec=30 is not taken. The Z/OS file get allocate to the z/os default size of 15 tracks which is not enough to hold the PC file (11.7MB). once the z/os file get full then FZ start looping

From the log: Command: PASV Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (x,x,x,50,21,72) Command: APPE INSTALL Response: 125 Appending to data set FJ09.INSTALL.CD.FILES.INSTALL Response: 451-System completion code and reason: B37-04 Response: 451-Data set is out of space. Response: 451 Transfer aborted due to file error. Error: File transfer failed after transferring 1024.0 KiB in 1 second Status: Starting upload of D:\FTP\R6501.ML005\MVS\FILE\INSTALL Status: Retrieving directory listing of "'FJ09.INSTALL.CD.FILES.'"... Command: PASV

I know the error 451-System completion code and reason: B37-04 is because the z/os file is full. my problem is "why FZ did not take the custom command?" Site tracks pri=300 sec=30 when I get the response of accepted.

From the log: Command: site tracks pri=300 sec=30 Response: 200 SITE command was accepted

I you need other details, let me know. Regards. ...jy

#7305 outdated Remove corrupted file from FTP folder Janet

I have an FTP folder set up for our photography club. Please contact me as one of our members inserted a jpg image file with symbols and it will not permit me to move, rename or delete the file. You've helped me with this situation before.

#11315 worksforme Cannot delete on server side? JackCane

I'm a new FileZilla user using Mac OSX 10.12.5. FileZilla successfully logged onto my hosting server. Now trying to delete some server-side files. Not finding the functionality/workflow to do that. Web hosting provider could not help me either. Would you please point me to the procedure for this.

Alternative, brute-force procedure is cumbersome and potentially dangerous: GET the whole site, selectively delete files/folders locally, PUT the entire site to a new server folder, then ask host to delete the old one on their end.

Thanks in advance.

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