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#7447 fixed O.k., I'm lost Aron Lasky

Trying to set up FZ Server on Windows Home Server 2011 -Cleared ports 14147, 21 in the router -Not sure of server address to use in "Connect to Server". Tried the address WHS set up; tried addresses listed in IPCONFIG; Tried What else? -Created exceptions in NOD32. -Frankly not sure why I need to connect to server to get the server to wait for incoming connections. -Also not sure why Settings is greyed out in menu of interface. How am I supposed to configure the FZ Server? -I've read the documentation, which is next to useless. FAQ is not much better. Forum is non-existent.

I'm definitely missing something. (no jokes please)

#7452 fixed no secured password ? Ok, other proposition. Cyril Besot

Hi, I'll not insist on the need to encrypt passwords: it is obvious (since when Windows session is secure?!). If you really don't want to listen to all the people who want encrypted password, would it be at least possible to change the location of the ServerSettings.xml, in order to put it in a secure container (Truecrypt), as I do for other non-secure software ? Thanks.

#7466 fixed Edit filters "Rename" button doesn't save changes Nitin Kumar Gautam Daniel

When I click on the following:

View -> Filename filters... -> Edit filter rules... -> [name of filter] -> Rename, {type new name}, OK

it reverts back to the old name. Changing the name in "Filter name" does work, however.

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