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#3342 View/Refresh Views Missing Alexander Schuch docahrens

In v3.0.4.1, the "View" Category is missing from the menu, specifically, there does not appear to be a way to refresh the view. I discovered this when a coworker deleted a file from the server, and it was still appearing in my list. Even when I closed and reloaded FileZilla, the file was still showing in the server's directory list. Pressing F5 DID successfually refresh the directory list.

#3349 File Queue Alexander Schuch michaelje2

When I'm downloading files from my webserver, which only allows ONE connection (I set filezilla to only use one connection) it still tries to use two. One to get the names of the files, and the other to download them. I thought, ok, I'll just stop the queue. When I did that it restarted the queue for each file it added. I think this is a very big bug, as it is very annoying.

#3352 wait for directory scan to end before processing queue Alexander Schuch janu1535

First of all apologize for my English uncommon. :D


In the version 3 of the FileZilla, when the client scans all folders to add files to the queue waiting for transfer.

In version 2, it was possible to stop the transfer, and that the programme should continue exploring the folders and files only add to the queue.

But in the version 3 is not possible, if you have to stop transferring queue, FileZilla continues to transfer files added after being told to stop transferring queue.

I think we should be able to stop completely, as my hosting crashes why do too many things at the same time.

And I have to start exploring folders why then do not know that point has left explore when blockade.

Thanks. I hope to have explained correctly. Greets.

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