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#2704 Add option for Site Manager to appear on startup kaisersose

Note: This is one of a few requests currently posted in the forum (

It would be nice if there were an option for the Site Manager to appear on startup (or not, as the user prefers).

#9841 rejected Add option to force "LIST -a" instead of "MLSD" mrx00

we have the issue that not all directory content on our ftp server is listed. Hidden Dot-Files are not shown and diretorys with hidden files can not be deleted. We already activated the "Show hidden files" option.

We observed that FileUilla uses the "MLSD" command to retrieve the directory content. But other clients, like WinSCP use the "LIST -a" command.

Can you add an option to force "LIST -a" instead of "MLSD"?

#11241 duplicate Add option to move files and dirs only if key is pressed Walrus

It's very easy to move files and dirs and destroy a site as there is no undo that I am aware of. It would help if there was a preference to only move files and dirs if a key was held down (for example, Command in Mac OS and Control in Windows).

IMV, it should be default and if user tries to move, show a preferences dialogue box in which user can uncheck and move files and dirs without pressing a key. For example:

[ x] Command/Control-drag to move. Cancel | Save [] Do not show again.

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