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#7421 fixed Add Support for Amazon AWS S3 Service as a Storage Target Wayne Anderson

Add support for Amazon Web Service (AWS) S3 storage buckets as a file transfer target for FileZilla.

My search would indicate that this request was last addressed in tickets 2741 and 2648, which at the time the recommended path was requesting Amazon support FTP.

In the intervening timeframe, the userbase of AWS S3 has exploded, there have existed a number of architectural reasons why API based access provides significant advantage. The present climate of FileZilla's use would establish a case for the interface metaphor so well liked in FileZilla to target S3 storage buckets as well.

The developer documentation, including the S3 API and developer guides is available at:

#7438 fixed Compilation error svn rev 4101: stray ' in dsub/desktop_notification.cpp line 1 Ober

Removing the apostrophe compilation is successful in my case.

#7442 fixed Error reading attributes of filezilla.xml PM Peter Miller

Starting filezilla.exe either directly or with shortcut generates this error message:

Users\PM\AppData\Roaming\FileZilla\filezilla.xml Error reading Attributes For this session the default settings will be used. Any changes to the settings will not be saved.

As a result, the settings are dropped, and any settings entered cannot be saved. This bug appeared suddenly, without any cause that I can identify. It could not be corrected by uninstalling and re-installing, and it could not be corrected by downloading a new setup file and re-installing that. I will answer any questions that would help de-bug this. Thanks for helping.

Following is a copy of the filezilla.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> <FileZilla3>


<Setting name="Use Pasv mode" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Limit local ports" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Limit ports low" type="number">6000</Setting> <Setting name="Limit ports high" type="number">7000</Setting> <Setting name="External IP mode" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="External IP" type="string" /> <Setting name="External address resolver" type="string"></Setting> <Setting name="Last resolved IP" type="string" /> <Setting name="No external ip on local conn" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Pasv reply fallback mode" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Timeout" type="number">20</Setting> <Setting name="Logging Debug Level" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Logging Raw Listing" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="fzsftp executable" type="string">&quot;C:\Program Files (x86)\FileZilla FTP Client\fzsftp.exe&quot;</Setting> <Setting name="Allow transfermode fallback" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Reconnect count" type="number">2</Setting> <Setting name="Reconnect delay" type="number">5</Setting> <Setting name="Speedlimit inbound" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Speedlimit outbound" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Speedlimit burst tolerance" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="View hidden files" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Preserve timestamps" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Socket recv buffer size (v2)" type="number">4194304</Setting> <Setting name="Socket send buffer size (v2)" type="number">262144</Setting> <Setting name="FTP Keep-alive commands" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="FTP Proxy type" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="FTP Proxy host" type="string" /> <Setting name="FTP Proxy user" type="string" /> <Setting name="FTP Proxy password" type="string" /> <Setting name="FTP Proxy login sequence" type="string" /> <Setting name="SFTP keyfiles" type="string" /> <Setting name="Proxy type" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Proxy host" type="string" /> <Setting name="Proxy port" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Proxy user" type="string" /> <Setting name="Proxy password" type="string" /> <Setting name="Logging file" type="string" /> <Setting name="Logging filesize limit" type="number">10</Setting> <Setting name="Trusted root certificate" type="string" /> <Setting name="Number of Transfers" type="number">2</Setting> <Setting name="Ascii Binary mode" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Auto Ascii files" type="string">am|asp|bat|c|cfm|cgi|conf|cpp|css|dhtml|diz|h|hpp|htm|html|in|inc|js|jsp|m4|mak|md5|nfo|nsi|pas|patch|php|phtml|pl|po|py|qmail|sh|shtml|sql|svg|tcl|tpl|txt|vbs|xhtml|xml|xrc</Setting> <Setting name="Auto Ascii no extension" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Auto Ascii dotfiles" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Theme" type="string">opencrystal/</Setting> <Setting name="Language Code" type="string">en</Setting> <Setting name="Last Server Path" type="string">1 0 3 usr 3 www 5 users 8 kamprint 5 video</Setting> <Setting name="Concurrent download limit" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Concurrent upload limit" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Update Check" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Update Check Interval" type="number">7</Setting> <Setting name="Last automatic update check" type="string">2011-07-19 17:47:12</Setting> <Setting name="Update Check New Version" type="string" /> <Setting name="Update Check Check Beta" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Show debug menu" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="File exists action download" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="File exists action upload" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Allow ascii resume" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Greeting version" type="string">3.5.0</Setting> <Setting name="Onetime Dialogs" type="string" /> <Setting name="Show Tree Local" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Show Tree Remote" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="File Pane Layout" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="File Pane Swap" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Last local directory" type="string">C:\Website\_we_info5\video\</Setting> <Setting name="Filelist directory sort" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Queue successful autoclear" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Queue column widths" type="string">180 60 180 80 60 150</Setting> <Setting name="Local filelist colwidths" type="string">120 80 100 120</Setting> <Setting name="Remote filelist colwidths" type="string">162 75 80 100 80 80</Setting> <Setting name="Window position and size" type="string">0 263 30 884 602 </Setting> <Setting name="Splitter positions (v2)" type="string">97 -131 500000000 135 135 500000000</Setting> <Setting name="Local filelist sortorder" type="string">1 3</Setting> <Setting name="Remote filelist sortorder" type="string">1 3</Setting> <Setting name="Time Format" type="string">1</Setting> <Setting name="Date Format" type="string">1</Setting> <Setting name="Show message log" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Show queue" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Size format" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Size thousands separator" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Default editor" type="string">0</Setting> <Setting name="Always use default editor" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Inherit system associations" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Custom file associations" type="string">&#x0A;jpg &quot;C:\Program Files\FullScreen Photo Viewer\FullScreen Photo Viewer.exe&quot;</Setting> <Setting name="Comparison mode" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Comparison threshold" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Site Manager position" type="string" /> <Setting name="Theme icon size" type="string">16x16</Setting> <Setting name="Timestamp in message log" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Sitemanager last selected" type="string" /> <Setting name="Local filelist shown columns" type="string">1111</Setting> <Setting name="Remote filelist shown columns" type="string">110111</Setting> <Setting name="Local filelist column order" type="string">0,2,3,1</Setting> <Setting name="Remote filelist column order" type="string">0,2,3,1,4,5</Setting> <Setting name="Filelist status bar" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Filter toggle state" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Size decimal places" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Show quickconnect bar" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Messagelog position" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Last connected site" type="string" /> <Setting name="File doubleclock action" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Dir doubleclock action" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Minimize to tray" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Search column widths" type="string" /> <Setting name="Search column shown" type="string" /> <Setting name="Search column order" type="string" /> <Setting name="Search window size" type="string" /> <Setting name="Comparison hide identical" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Search sort order" type="string"

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