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#11215 fixed Add date and timestamp to message log Camelraderie

It would be a lot more useful if the message log entries were time and date stamped. I had an error occur, but I have little idea which entries in the message log relate to this, well of course the last ones, but how far up?

e.g. if I have been trying to get something copied but it's silently failing, how do I know if the message log entries even have entries relating to my issue?

Also if an issue has been occurring for about 5 minutes, then I know roughly which errors in the message log relate to this.

p.s. Thanks for your continued efforts, in the best FTP app for OSX! :-)

#2039 Add favorites link for local directories Alexander Schuch pdoubleya

Would be nice to have my Windows "favorites" links available in local directories, or the "Links" folder on the desktop--easier navigation.

#4016 duplicate Add files to queue broken Do not touch fruitmixer

Filezilla version:

I have a multi-level folder directory that could not be added to the queue to be uploaded correctly. The folder structure is similar as follows:

 - www
   - _images
     - folderA
       - folderB
         - image1.jpg
         - image2.jpg
   - _templates
     - folderC
       - folderD
         - folderE
           - folderF
             - template1.tpl
             - template2.tpl

When in the local directory, and in the www level and right-clicking on www and choosing "add files to queue", not all the files get added to the queue.

More correctly, only the files in the _images directory get added to the queue.

This worked correctly with filezilla 2.2.30 but has broken with the current version.

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