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#1551 remember window position Tim Kosse anonymous

It would really be great if we dont have to resize the window everytime Filezilla is executed. If the window posiiton is maximised, it'd be better if it stays that way on the next execution jus like Internet Explorer.

#1845 remember the folder entered anonymous

In a directory in which many subfolders exist, it's really boring to search or browse folder by folder, because every time we leave a subfolder to the upper directory, filezilla jump to the beggining of the upper directory, and we have to scroll and search the folder we have just entered in order to browse the folder next to it. If filezilla could remember the folder and scroll automatically to the folder when back to upper directory, it would be a useful feature.

#1553 remember most view settings Tim Kosse starless

I think FileZilla should also remember other settings, besides the window size. For example, it could remember the size of the "frames", I mean, the local and remote file list areas... I always drag the separator to the left because I don't need all that space for the local file list, I prefer seeing the remote file permissions. And also list sort prefs should be remembered, maybe even on a single server scale, I mean... each configured FTP server might have its own sorting prefs.

And so on.

Keep up the good work, guys!

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