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#9573 fixed One more runtime errors cause by [0] and the likes. Francois Ferrand

This was left in an earlier commit, causing a compiler warning and still the runtime error.

#2857 File exists default action for all sessions typhos_j

I like the option to choose a default action when a file already exists. But I would prefer two new options for "Always use this action". At the moment the options apply to current queue and apply to current session exist. The two new options I'd like to suggest are "apply to current site (all sessions)" and "apply to all sessions".

In FileZilla 2.x I had the possibility to choose "overwrite" and this setting was remembered for all future sessions. I liked this option, because I know what I'm doing and I don't want to choose "overwrite" again and again when I start FileZilla.

#4117 rejected File/directory date included in name tyken

My server is running Solaris 10 with ftpd as the ftp server. Using Filezilla version 3.1.6 as client.

When listing files and folders that have been modified in december of 2008 the date of the file is included in the name. E.g. The directory "htdocs" is listed as "des. 29 13:12 htdocs".

To reproduce this error you can try logging into: ip: u: file p: file

I have tried different ftp clients to see if the same error occurs. Using internet explorer the same error does occur. However using SmartFTP the error does not occur.

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