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#2782 Add an ETA or "Remaining"-label eagle3386

FileZilla 3 shows the queue's size at the bottom right of its main window (just to the left of the RX/TX-LEDs), but doesn't show an overall ETA for all queued files.

So, I'm requesting to add "Remaining: XX h, YY min, ZZ s" and/or something like "ETA: 11:56:33" to that informational area.

Thanks in advance,

Martin.. :)

#1502 Add an option to hide local hidden files Tim Kosse ewm

This patch makes showing the hidden local files optional, defaulting to the current behavior (of ignoring the hidden attribute).

This is exposed as a check box on the local view options page.

If hidden files are not shown, they will not be uploaded either.

The only outstanding issue is the now ambiguous view menu options "Show hidden files" I would recommend changing this to "Show Remote hidden files" or something similar. Leaving it as is just invites bug reports. This change is not included in the patch.

-Eric Moore

#1808 Add button for choosing transfer type anonymous

First thanks for the wonderfull tool !

It would be usefull to have button in the toolbar to choose between the transfer types. (ASCII -> Binary -> Auto)

Have fun. Pascal

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