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#12882 fixed Right clicking "directory listing filters" icon changes location in "Local site" pane Dystro

After connecting to a site from a bookmark let's say my local site pane has:

(bug seems to occurr with at least two nestings) d:\sites\foobar\

And remote site pane has:


It happens 100% of the times to me that if I right click the "directory listing filters" icon in the toolbar to enable the filters, the local site pane changes to something different, such as:


#12881 fixed Close tab X icon is huge InternationalJack

The X icon (close tab) in any given tab is HUGE. It used to be tiny, but now it's nearly as tall as the tab itself.

It seems to have happened within the last few stable versions, though I don't know exactly which one. I first noticed it in January 2023 and thought it would be fixed in a later update, but it hasn't changed.

In Settings, I have tried adjusting the theme and theme scaling, but that didn't affect this icon. I've also tried different interface layouts and gone through every setting I can find, but no dice.

Steps to reproduce: Open multiple connection tabs, look at X icon on tabs.

#12880 duplicate Mac Color Background issue macwpuser

In the dark mode of FileZilla on MacBook, the color and text color is very hard to read in this combination.

The colors should be changed for the dark mode in FileZilla for macOS. On the screenshot, it looks like it's easy to read but in reality, when you're sitting in front of your laptop, it's not!

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