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#11161 rejected Limit Number of simultaneous connections Harvey13

Hello, I need to connect to a board with a basic ftp which accept only one connection. Then, I selected Limit Number of simultaneous connections = 1. The problem is that FileZilla opens one connection for retrieving directory listing... but doesn't close it. So, when I want to download a file, a new connection tries to establish, but fails as the former one is not closed.

So the parameter "Number of simultaneous connections" is not achieve !

Is there a way to solve this ?

Best regards

#9581 duplicate Automatically downloaded updates end up in Documents, not in Downloads Hayo Baan

Awesome new feature to automatically download updates to FileZilla, however, instead of in the user'sDownloads folder, the archive ends up in Documents instead. Only a minor nuisance, but still I think this should be corrected.

#5373 outdated Resuming a upload Helen Rainbow

When my internet crashes or something stops my upload, I used to be able to re-drag the file and it would give me a screen with several options. I used to just press resume and it would continue uploading from where it started. However it does not allow this anymore, once the internet has crashed I cannot do anything with the partly uploaded file, I cannot resume or delete it etc. The message states that the file is still in use.

I used to then have to restart the computer for it to release the file so i could delete it or resume the upload, however now that is not even working and I have to rename the file on my desktop and start the upload from scratch.

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