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#399 Queue: File Progress Bar Always White Background blujay

In the queue, in each file's progress bar that appears when the file is being downloaded, the background is always white, even if you have the "window" color in Windows set to a different color.

#400 server:cant open shared files anonymous

when downloading files from server, it seems try to open the file in "rw" mode instead of "ro" mode

#401 APPE corrupts my work bardware


I want to use FileZilla to upload Files to a Server. I want FileZilla to insert Files to the remote Filesystem that does not exist on the Server so far. FileZilla asks me how to handle Files on my sytem that are older on the server. What FileZilla does not ask me - and does wrong - is handling files with an identical timestamp on my PC and the Server. I transfer ASCII-Files. On my system a linebreak is stored with 2 bytes. The remote system stores one byte per linebreak. It strips off the extra byte automatically, thus making the file shorter. FileZilla on an update of the whole directory structure recognizes the identical FileDate and the different (smaller) filesize and thus thinks it has to APPEnd extra bytes to the file on the server. That's why I'd call "motherfucking bullshit" ;-) It does not malke sense at all. My ASCII-files are PHP scripts that now become unparsable by PHP and screw up my whole system. It took me 3 houres yesterday (Sunday evening) to figure this error out, finally delete all files on the server and upload them wholly. So please change FileZilla that it works in a way it does not automatically corrupt my scripts.

Thank you, Bernhard

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