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#5662 fixed Error - access violation / segfault in all menuitems if you double-change language CollateralD

Filezilla client V3.3.4.1

I get an access violation / segfault:

The instruction at "0x00a1a8d9" referenced memory at "0xc80202e0". The memory could not be read.

It is 100% reproducible.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Open filezilla, assert that language is set to "Default system language" (otherwise do it and restart filezilla).

2) Settings -> switch to language English (en). Press OK

3) Setting -> switch back to language "Default system language".

Now nearly all calls to menuitems lead to this segfault.

This is no tragedy but I do want to mention it.

#5692 fixed File/folder permissions in v0.9.37 odd behavior Mike Giovaninni

Environment: Windows Server 2008 Standard

FileZilla Server v0.9.37beta

Creating user accounts with the following structure:

Parent (Home) folder with Read File rights and List Directories & Subs Child Folder 1 (Files from client) w/ R/W/D File rights & List Dir/Subs Child Folder 2 (Files to client) w/ R File rights only and List Dir/Subs

In this configuration, a 550 error is generated on child folder 1 when the client tries to upload or delete a file

However, if the Parent folder has the Write and Delete attributes set, the client can write and delete files.. but in BOTH child folders, not just child folder 1.

Which tells me that there is a permissions issue in the server daemon. Based on a simple file permission model, I should be able to set the parent directory to allow only reads and directory listings, and then set my child folder permissions to the task they hold (i.e. writes only allowed in the folder I chose based on the granted permissions).

Note - all file paths are short, do not include spaces or special characters and are being accessed directly (not via a network share) if that helps...

I can't seem to find anything in the general server configuration that would cause this to break.. or.. is this working as according to design?

#5693 fixed "Always trust certificate in future sessions" doesn't work.

The certificate is valid, in that it started one month ago and expires in 20 years time. It's a general certificate for my ISP which allows me to upload files to my domain, so the certificate's common name doesn't match my domain name, and it's a self sigend certificate by my ISP, so it's good that I'm warned about it, but I should be able to trust certificate in future sessions, but ticking the "Always trust certificate in future sessions" box and clicking "OK" has no effect. i.e. The dialog keeps appearing for every file and for every time I log in to the server.

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