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#459 Toolbar buttons become bigger Scott M. Sanders

After a while (?), the Toolbar buttons become bigger, but the Toolbar's size remains the same, so the buttons are visually cut off at their bottoms.

It has happened to me numerous times.

I will attach a screenshot later when it happens again. Unfortunately, I don't know how to reproduce it manually.

#460 Crash when Port 21 is not available anonymous

Hi, I just realized that FileZilla Server 0.8.7 is crashing, when the used port is in use by another application. Its not a big prob, because that should not be the case in production env, but anyhow ... it looks ugly :) Regards Daniel

#462 Queue window does not update during large downloads anonymous

I'm downloading a large binary file and the Queue window shows all relevant data, including the progress bar and speed. After very short time, the progressbar and actual size/speed stops completly. The elapsed and expected time also stops. However, I can see from my DSL modem, that downloads is still going on!! Also when I look with the Explorer into the directory, the File is growing!!! I can repeat this effect any time, including closing and starting FileZilla again..

Thank you very much for this great program!!!!

best wishes from Germany, Peter

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