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#11248 rejected "File exists" preferences (resume, overwrite, etc.) are lost on Filezilla update hyperpac


when I download a file from a server and the file already exists on the client the "file exists" dialog pops up. I check "resume" and I also check "do this everytime / for all queues" (I use the german version so the naming might be a bit different in english).

This works fine for all future file transfers until I update the Filezilla client. After the update my choice of "global resuming" is lost.

Is it working as designed or is it a bug?

#4950 rejected "File has changed" dialogue steals focus Cory Kaufman

When editing a file, once FileZilla has noticed the file has changed, it pops up it's "file has changed" dialogue which steals focus from my text editor. Needless to say this is extremely annoying. I am running Filezilla 3.2.72 on Ubuntu 9.10, 64-bit.

#1424 "File has changed" does not work rvitiello

Version 3.1.0

There's something wrong with "file changed" detection. When you right click a file (local or remote side), edit and close, it lost the modification or keep showing the "upload this file back to the server" in loop, everytime the window get focus. Sometime it ignores the changes, and sometimes saves the local file wrong or "reload" the lastest version of the file, what is a very dangerous risk.

REQUEST: please consider an option to disable this feature completly (local/remote sync). I really don't like it, it's annoying. Disabled, let the user control if he wants or not sync with the server. Sometimes the user only wants the local file, or remote file, for some reason, without resync.

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