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#7948 duplicate Active ftp over socks proxy implemented incorrectly Morten Jørgensen

In Filezilla 3.5.3, specify active ftp and no fallback, and a socks5 proxy. Connect to a ftp server, this is done correctly over the socks proxy. Download something, and observe that a *passive* data connection is created over the socks proxy instead of an active one.

#1179 Active mode data connection is made from the wrong port yurivkhan

According to the FTP specification (RFC0959), in active FTP mode, the data connection should be made from port L-1, where L is the port that the server is listening for control connections (see section 3.2 Establishing Data Connections, paragraph 1). This should be true for every active mode transfer.

FileZilla Server attempts to bind the outgoing port as per specification, but fails to do this when another active mode data connection exists. The second connection will get port L+1, and if a third connection is opened, then it will get an arbitrary OS-assigned port.


  • OS: any Windows version (tested on Windows XP SP1, SP2)
  • Server: FileZilla Server, all versions (tested on

0.9.4, 0.9.8a, 0.9.19)

  • Client: any FTP client (tested on Windows ftp.exe)

To reproduce:

  • Open two concurrent connections from the same client

host to the same server host.

  • Start downloading a large file in each connection.
  • While the files are being downloaded, run "netstat -a

-n" on the client host.

Expected behavior:

  • There are two control connections to server host,

port 21.

  • There are two data connections from server host, port 20.

Observed behavior:

  • There are two control connections to server host,

port 21.

  • There is one data connection from server host, port 20.
  • There is another data connection from server host,

unspecified port.


  • By default, the bind() function fails if the

requested local port is already used by another socket.

  • To reuse the port, it is necessary to issue a

setsockopt(socket, SOL_SOCKET, SO_REUSEADDR, ...) call, passing TRUE as the option value, before binding the socket.

#1775 Active/Passive selection per server panthera

It would be nice if the passive switch were moved from the settings menu to individual servers in the site manager list. Some servers require an active connection and some require a passive connection.

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