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#5633 fixed Be less trusting of trusted certificates putte

When FileZilla is told to trust a self-signed certificate, that certificate will be accepted for any connection. For example, if I trust a certificate from some random guy for my connection to, that certificate will also be treated as valid for,, and so on.

The certificate (or rather FileZillas trust in the certificate) ought to be bound to a specific hostname or to a specific site in the site manager.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Generate a valid self-signed certificate and configure an FTP server to use it.
  2. Connect to the server with FileZilla and choose to trust the certificate.
  3. Copy the same certificate to a different FTP server (and set it up).
  4. Connect to this second server with FileZilla.

The result: FileZilla connects without warnings to the second server, even though the certificate belongs to a completely different server.

Software versions: FileZilla, GnuTLS 2.8.6

#5635 fixed MKD command should return directory-name on success Pawel Lesnikowski

RFC 959: "upon successful completion of an MKD command, the server should return a line of the form:


FileZilla returns: C: MKD Folder1 S: 257 Directory created successfully

#5647 fixed MKD command ignores leading spaces Pawel Lesnikowski

Leading spaces are truncated by MKD commands. Same issue also exists for files.

S: 220-FileZilla Server version 0.9.36 beta
S: 220-written by Tim Kosse (
S: 220 Please visit
C: MKD  Folder1
S: 257 Directory created successfully
C: MKD Folder1
S: 550 Directory already exists

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