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#2974 add "skip empty directories" function Alexander Schuch derboxen

if somewhere there could be the option to skip empty directories (global or per site), i think that feature would be appreciated.

#2975 no HTTP-PROXY support Alexander Schuch titti

in Filezilla 3 HTTP-PROXY support is not present ( I haven't FTP Proxy only HTTP proxy)

Filezilla 2 has this support. in example, in Filezilla 2.2.32, I can insert my http proxy in:

  • Filezilla Options
  • Connection
  • Proxy settings

then i set Http 1.1 proxy and insert my hostname and port (username and password not needed for me but optionally supported with checkbox)

please help me with Filezilla 3 I cannot connect

I downloaded old version (2.2.32) from tucows and old version run properly...

#2985 Auto-refresh local file list when new file is added Alexander Schuch tomrice

When a new file is saved to the local directory, or any other change occurs, FileZilla should automatically refresh the local directory view so that you can easily switch to FileZilla from what you were doing and work with uploading new files etc from the directory without having to manually refresh it every time.

I may be wrong but I believe this is what was included as a patch by Chen-hsiu Huang in FileZilla 2 on 2005-02-21, as FileZilla 2 had this functionality but I have yet to see it implemented in FileZilla 3.

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