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#2973 Display Total Files / Filesize Alexander Schuch jadoo007


I'm missing the small feature in the new version that displays the total number of files / total filesize for each directory.

I use some size restricted servers, so it's necessary to see how much of that size do I already use. And the total number of files is necessary for my website report (as for example to know the total number of e-cards created in a specific month).

Thank you

#2974 add "skip empty directories" function Alexander Schuch derboxen

if somewhere there could be the option to skip empty directories (global or per site), i think that feature would be appreciated.

#2975 no HTTP-PROXY support Alexander Schuch titti

in Filezilla 3 HTTP-PROXY support is not present ( I haven't FTP Proxy only HTTP proxy)

Filezilla 2 has this support. in example, in Filezilla 2.2.32, I can insert my http proxy in:

  • Filezilla Options
  • Connection
  • Proxy settings

then i set Http 1.1 proxy and insert my hostname and port (username and password not needed for me but optionally supported with checkbox)

please help me with Filezilla 3 I cannot connect

I downloaded old version (2.2.32) from tucows and old version run properly...

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