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#453 Quick Connect Bar reappears although is set not to. anonymous

I use Windows NT 4.00.1381

--Initial Settings-- I set my interface settings not to display Quick Connect Bar and also went to menu View->Quick Connect Bar and unchecked it. The Quick Connect Bar was not displayed.

--The Bug-- When I go to menu Edit->Settings and simply click OK button without changing anything, after Settings window is closed, the Quick Connect Bar is displayed again.

--Checked settings afterwards-- I went to Edit->Settings->Interface settings, and my current configuration is still set not to display Quick Connect Bar. After I clicked OK button the Quick Connect Bar disappeared.

Also, if I go to Edit->Settings and click Cancel, the Quick Connect Bar doesn't appear.


#454 connect through OpenBSD's ftp-proxy fails craz1

The ftp-proxy is transparent

Other ftp clients such as WS_Ftp, cuteFTP works fine but FileZilla fails with the following error immediately after LIST is issued:

Error: Disconnected from server Error: Could not retrieve directory listing Error: Timeout detected!

note: I am not using passive mode

the ftp-proxy log shows the following error:

Sep 19 15:40:21 openbsd ftp-proxy[15486]: accepted connection from to 6024 Sep 19 15:40:22 openbsd ftp-proxy[15486]: client: USER xxxx\M Sep 19 15:40:25 openbsd ftp-proxy[15486]: cannot connect data channel (Connection refused)

Note: I WANNA USE FileZilla, nothing else!!! :-)

#455 Closing Remote Parent Directory luegner

If a child directory is highlighted and you click on the - icon in the parent directory to close the parent directory, it highlights but does not close. If you click on the - icon of the parent directory while it is highlighted, it will close.

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