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#9156 fixed save login details from the quick connect bar history Shijith


I have been using FileZilla for the last two years. Its a great app. I do have a suggestion. It would be great if you can implement a feature to save login details from the quick connect bar history.

Some softwares like CCleaner will clear the quickconnect history by default. We will need to manually change the CCleaner settings to prevent this.

I had lost some of my clients login details because of this.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, Shijith.

#3018 save column sort order Tim Kosse saphena

I maintain several multipage websites and I frequently use FTP to update changed pages only. The most useful folder view for this operation is to show files in date-modified order, newest at the top.

I would like to have FileZilla remember the way I left the folder and present the same view next time.

Alternatively, I'd settle for a preference setting to pick the default folder view.

Auto-refresh of the local file list wouldn't go amiss either.

#4062 rejected same problem of this ticket #3775 jroques

Hello I have downloaded this weekend the filezilla for mac intel I unzipped the file and drag it into application, and when I tried to run it looks like it's going to open and then crash. I have a intel mac 1.83 withe the following version 10.4.11

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