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#1404 FZ Server Admin's Log Unusable With High Contrast Theme Alexander Schuch user2037

The log window area of the Admin tool changes the font color to black but leaves the background color up to Windows. This makes the log messages invisible unless the text is selected when Windows uses a black background (such as the High Contrast Themes).

#2904 duplicate Gnome Keyring, KDE Kwallet, OS X Keychain Support user2037

Filezilla's broad feature support makes it a useful tool. However, storing FTP passwords would be much safer if it used the system's password mechanism. Gnome provides Keyring, KDE provides Kwallet, and OS X provides Keychain. Please include optional support for these mechanisms.

#4021 outdated FileZilla Server produces ECONNABORTED with TLS/SSL user2037

When trying to connect to Filezilla Server 0.9.27 or 0.9.29 with TLS enabled from Filezilla Client the client reports: "Server did not properly shutdown TLS connection" followed by "ECONNABORTED". It appears to authenticate properly, but fails when trying to retrieve a directory listing.

Forcing data encryption does not help.

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